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Cutting Edge Dental Technology – West Palm Beach, FL

The New Standard in Dental Health Care

Why Choose a Dentist with Advanced Dental Technology?

At South Florida Sedation Dentistry, we’ve made it our mission to provide patients with the best dental care experience available. That’s why cutting-edge dental technology is the cornerstone for our West Palm Beach, FL practice.

Access to cutting-edge technology gives us the ability to bring you effective treatment that is quick and relatively painless. Advancements in the dental field have enabled us to provide earlier diagnosis, improve the effectiveness of procedures, and enhance the patient experience. This technology has also made it safer to provide dental care and make it more comfortable to undergo certain procedures.
cone beam scanner cutout West Palm Beach, FL

Advantages of Innovative Technology

The Advanced Dental Technology of South Florida Sedation Dentistry

Cone Beam CT allows us to obtain extremely accurate 3D images from the inside of your mouth. We can see precise representations of your teeth, gums, bones, nerves, and sinus cavities which enables us to make an accurate diagnosis and provide highly effective treatment.
nSequence is a method of guided surgery that creates a digital plan for our full-arch implant treatment. This means there is no guesswork in the surgical procedure which reduces the dangers and increases effectiveness and accuracy.
Piezosurgery is a revolutionary dental technology that allows us to use ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone without causing damage to the surrounding gum tissue. This procedure carries the benefits of protecting the blood vessels and nerves near a surgical site without sacrificing effectiveness. With Piezosurgery you can enjoy a gentle, less invasive treatment with less bleeding, pain, and a quicker recovery.
Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGFs) are useful proteins found in the blood that can be used during hard and soft tissue procedures. We can accelerate the healing process by using these proteins found in your blood. PRGF is effective, safe, and convenient in allowing us to promote accelerated healing, especially following a bone graft treatment.

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