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All About the Bridge

All About the Bridge

Dental bridges are a way to fix your missing teeth, by joining artificial tooth/teeth to adjacent teeth. Bridges can fix one or more teeth, and is a more cost-effective way for improving crooked bites and improving speech. Dental bridges are somewhat painless and efficient, and are great for improving your dental health.

There are many dental bridge options, and depending on the type of bridge you get, they are removable false teeth that typically fit across the roof of the mouth, much like a retainer. Dentists usually attach dental bridges by using adjacent teeth, creating a more a comfortable, reliable fit. It doesn’t take long to adjust to dental bridges, although you may on occasion need small adjustments to them. When your dental bridges fit perfect, it will prevent chafing and abrasion. Like anything new, your dental bridges may seem uncomfortable and clumsy, but overtime your mouth muscles will form to them and adjust.

There are a lot of advantages to using dental bridges besides for cosmetic reasons. Beyond cosmetic reasons, dental bridges are useful for eating your favorite foods once again, and improving speech and diction. In addition, having dental bridges to cover the gaps between teeth do wonders for preventing food and bacteria from forming in the spaces.

Cleaning your bridges is as simple as letting them soak in a special cleaning solution overnight, if they are removable. If your bridges are permanent, brush and floss your teeth as usual to promote good oral hygiene. If you are unsure of how to properly care for your dental bridges that are fixed, consult your dentist on the proper methods of cleaning.

Discuss with your dentist whether dental bridges are the right option for you. With proper care, you can keep your bridges looking great for years to come while having a flawless smile. If you are missing one or a few teeth, dental bridges may be your best option as they have many choices to choose from and are cost efficient. Contact your dentist today to learn more about dental bridges and if they are the perfect choice for you.

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