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where can I get a dental crown in west palm beach?

Best Reasons Why You Need a Dental Crown

Did you know each tooth is made up of the root and the crown? If you’re lucky to have healthy gums and bones, they should adequately cover the root of each tooth. Likewise, if you have healthy crowns, then the visible part of your teeth shouldn’t show signs of decay.

If any of your pearly whites have any issues that require a cemented restoration that can partially or completely cover the outer part of your tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown in West Palm Beach.

where can I get a dental crown in west palm beach?

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Root Canal Treatment

Since your tooth is hollowed out after a root canal treatment, this makes it prone to cracking. To keep this from happening, your dentist immediately restores the remaining tooth with a crown.

Large Filling

If your tooth is fractured or if it has a cavity that affects half of its width, or even more, the remaining natural tooth structure that surrounds the large filling becomes weak and more vulnerable to fracture.

If the large filling has been in your mouth for a while now, it may show signs of cracks and stress around it. For this reason, your dentist would recommend placing a dental crown over it to support your weakened natural tooth.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If you experience pain each time you chew on a tooth a certain way, you may be suffering from cracked tooth syndrome. This condition is characterized by fractures inside your tooth. As stress is produced on these fracture lines whenever you chew your food, you’ll feel like your tooth is splitting apart. If your case doesn’t require a root canal, your dentist can cap your tooth with a dental crown.

Broken Cusps

The cusp refers to the pointed end that’s found on your natural crown. Since your cusps tend to take the most abuse when you’re trying to chew your food, they can potentially break off because of trauma. A dental crown is placed over the remaining tooth to prevent further damage.

where can I get a dental crown in west palm beach?

Do You Need a Dental Crown West Palm Beach?

If you have a tooth that needs to be restored with a dental crown, schedule your consultation with the dental experts at South Florida Sedation Dentistry today.

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