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Restore the Volume of Your Bone

Preparing Your Jaw for Dental Implants

If you’ve lost teeth and have either been using dentures or simply living without those teeth, your jawbone will begin to weaken and shrink. Over time, this can negatively impact your appearance and overall health.

While the sunken appearance can make you look older, the lack of bone density can disrupt the restoration process, meaning your bone isn’t able to hold a dental implant. There is a way to improve the volume of your bone however – bone grafting.

Bone Grafting Benefits

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Types of Bone Grafting Treatments

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For this process, bone material is taken from another part of your body (or from a donor) and used to strengthen a specific area of your jawbone. A collagen membrane is then placed, and the gums are carefully sutured closed. When the area is finished healing, the new bone will merge with the original for a durable, lasting result.
Ridge augmentation is used to rebuild your alveolar ridge (an extension of the jaw) or to prevent bone deterioration. An empty socket is filled with biocompatible material and will likely lead to bone grafting becoming unnecessary for implants.
If teeth are missing in the rear upper portion of your jaw, your sinus cavity will start to sink. This will make placing a dental implant impossible. For a sinus lift, bone material will be placed underneath that sinus cavity to prevent it from sinking, allowing room for a dental implant.

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