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where is the best place to get dental bone graft palm beach?

When is a Dental Bone Graft Needed?

A dental bone graft in Palm Beach refers to a surgical procedure aiming to increase the quality and the quantity of the patient’s jawbone. In most cases, these are often recommended for patients who need additional support and stability for the placement of their dental implants. If you don’t know much about this procedure, read on.

where is the best place to get a dental bone graft palm beach?

Signs a Dental Bone Graft Procedure is Needed

Teeth That Have Been Missing for a While

One of the critical requirements of dental implant placement is an adequate jawbone structure and density. A patient who’s been suffering from missing for a long while will likely need a dental bone graft procedure before their implants can be placed. In case you’re wondering, the jawbone that once supported the patient’s teeth deteriorates over time without the stimulation provided by the teeth’s roots. 

An Injury to the Jaw

Any kind of oral injury caused by a sports or auto accident can potentially compromise the structure and the density of the jawbone. For this reason, any patient who suffers a knocked-out tooth or a blow to the face may usually require a dental bone graft procedure.

A Removal of Tumor or Cyst

In some cases where an oral surgery would have to be performed to remove tumors and cysts, a portion of the patient’s jawbone might need to be released as well. To restore the patient’s jaw’s appearance and integrity, the dentist performs a dental bone graft procedure.

Gum Disease

When gum disease is left unaddressed, the infection could penetrate the patient’s jawbone and cause it to deteriorate. A comprehensive treatment for patients who have advanced gum disease may also require a dental bone graft.

Are You a Candidate for a Dental Bone Graft Procedure in Palm Beach?

If you want to learn more about your treatment options, call South Florida Sedation Dentistry to schedule your appointment today!

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