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Signs You Need to Have a Dental Crown Placed

A dental crown in West Palm Beach is a cap that the dentist places over a weak or damaged tooth to support, protect, and improve its appearance. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to determine when a dental crown is called for. Although your dentist is the best person to ask about this, check out these signs, you need to have a dental crown.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

You Have a Large Cavity

Dental crowns are usually recommended for patients who have very large cavities that couldn’t be addressed using fillings. Once the dentist clears the decay, the dental crown is placed over the tooth to ensure it stays intact and protected.

Your Tooth Got Knocked Out

If your tooth got knocked out, your dentist would most likely recommend the placement of biocompatible titanium posts called dental implants to ensure better support for your tooth structure. In this scenario, a dental crown that looks and feels like your real tooth is placed over the dental implants.

You’ve Got a Cracked Tooth

Dental crowns are among the most effective solutions for cracked teeth due to bruxism (or night grinding) or an injury. With a dental crown in place to hold the cracked tooth’s parts together, you’ll have it protected from further damage. 

You’re Going to Have a Root Canal Treatment

If you have an upcoming schedule for a root canal therapy, know that this procedure usually requires a crown to hold the tooth together after the dentist hollows it out.

You Want to Improve Your Teeth’s Appearance

Are you struggling with stained, severely discolored, mishappen, or damaged teeth? If so, you can use dental crowns to bring your best smile back by enhancing your teeth’s appearance. 

Do You Need a Dental Crown in West Palm Beach?

The best way to know if you need a dental crown is to schedule an appointment with the dental experts at South Florida Sedation Dentistry. 

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