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Make Your Smile Whole Again

What are Bridges and Crowns?

Dental bridges and crowns are a way to restore your teeth if they are damaged or completely missing.

Crowns, specifically, are permanently bonded to either your teeth or dental implants. They are made from a material called zirconia and are meant to look natural and blend in with your own teeth. Typically, they are used to cover teeth or cap them, after becoming cracked or damaged. They are also used to restore implants or cover teeth after you get a root canal.

Bridges are quite literally meant to bridge the gap between missing teeth. Plus, they help keep the natural shape of your face. They are used in place of implants, and while they’re not quite as strong, they are a good alternative if your bone cannot support implants.

dental crown model West Palm Beach, FL
sean crown and bridges patient West Palm Beach, FL
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My mouth was a mess before I met Dr. Senft

Benefits of Bridges and Crowns

Getting a crown and bridge can help restore your mouth to look as great as ever. Plus, Dr. Senft uses zirconia for your dental bridges and crowns, so not only will they look good as new, they will be strong and durable replacements.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Before getting your crown and bridge, dental impressions will be made in order to make sure everything will fit perfectly. Dr. Mitchel Senft will drill your tooth wherever it’s necessary and match the colors of your teeth.
dental implant bridge model West Palm Beach, FL

Replace Missing Teeth

Dr. Senft has many years of experience and will sometimes be able to get your restorations from the dental lab on the same day as your appointment. Once they are ready, your new teeth will be permanently bonded.

Restore Your Teeth with Bridges or Crowns!`