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Dental Implants and Why They are Cost Effective

Dental implants can range in price from anywhere between $1000 to $1500. Also, if you require any bone grafting because your jawbone is not strong enough to implant this could add on more money to your total dental implant price. Bone grafting could range from anywhere between $800- $6000. In addition, if you need any kind of gum grafting the same prices could be applied. There may also be costs for x-rays or CAT scans added to your total cost. A full set of dental implants could cost as much as $30,000.

However, when one is considering the full price of dental implants, they should also consider it as making an investment in their oral health. Also, in comparison to other alternatives such as getting a bridge dental implants are proven to be the better option. This is because dental implants will last longer and will not damage the teeth that surround the implant. Meaning it would eliminate the need for replacements of your implants later on. With this in mind it helps to show why dental implants are a good investment.

Given the fact that dental implants can be so high it is very beneficial to investigate different options to help with the payment. One option would be to utilize insurance to help pay for this procedure. While, it is unlikely that a dental implant will be covered by insurance because it is considered cosmetic there is still the possibility that it could be covered. Also, even if it’s only partially covered it would still help. It’s best to check with your dentist because there is a chance that your insurance may cover your dental implants if it is deemed medically necessary by your dentist.

Medical insurance may help to cover some of your dental implant prices. However, insurance is more likely to cover it if it can be proven that the dental implant procedure is being done for non-cosmetic reasons. For example, a person who is in pain and can’t eat or chew solid foods. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the dental implant surgery there is still the option of getting some financing your surgery. Speaking with your doctor would be the best way to determine which financing option would be best.

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