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Patient Happy with Family After Dental Extraction West Palm Beach

Do Dental Extractions Require Sedation?

If you have been suffering from extreme tooth pain and discomfort caused by decay or an intense facial trauma, then it is time for you to undergo a dental extraction in West Palm Beach! Wondering how to conquer your dental fear and anxiety before a dental extraction? We’ve got you covered! Here are the things you should expect from a dental extraction. 


What Is a Dental Extraction? 

A dental extraction is an outpatient dental surgery where a severely damaged tooth is removed for one of several reasons. The first and most common reason is that the tooth is so damaged that it cannot be repaired anymore. This avoids further bacterial infections that lead to serious dental health problems. Another reason is to make room for another tooth that hasn’t erupted yet because of crowding. When the tooth is impacted, it may require more gum incisions before being extracted. This situation often happens with wisdom teeth.  

How Does Sedation Help You During Dental Extractions? 

If you happen to experience dental anxiety during your dentist appointments, you might consider a medical treatment that can calm you down. That way, there won’t be any delay in your dental extraction. Sedation, often called ‘sleep dentistry,’ has four stages that you can choose from to make you comfortable during your dental extraction. You can have it in a minimal to moderate amount, where you are awake but so relaxed that you might not even remember the whole process. If your anxiety is severe, you can sometimes opt for deep sedation or general anesthesia. In these types of sedation, you are so asleep that you won’t even feel your tooth being extracted. 


Need a Dental Extraction in West Palm Beach? 

Dental extractions can be scary but there are ways to cope with stress and anxiety. We at the South Florida Sedation Dentistry offer comfortable dental extractions with the aid of sedation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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