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Facts About Dental Sedation

Dental sedation has been around dentistry and has helped countless patients during dental procedures. While plenty of Palm Beach sedation dentists use this to prepare their patients, not everyone knows how it works. In this article, we’ll be discussing the effects and facts of dental sedation.   

Palm Beach Sedation Dentist operating on patient

Patient’s Guide to Dental Sedation   


Laughing gas is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen often supplied through a nosepiece. Dentists use this sedative during routine treatments, including dental cleanings and exams. You’ll experience its calming and relaxing effects after the gas takes effect within seconds after breathing it in.   

Oral Sedation  

Using this method, the patient will take a dose of sedative medicine as directed by their dentist before the operation. While most dentists utilize triazolam (Halcion), a member of the diazepam (Valium) family, some also prescribe lorazepam or zaleplon. Your dentist may advise you to take one pill the night before and another an hour before the treatment, depending on your circumstances.   

IV Sedation  

Anti-anxiety medicine is administered intravenously (IV) or via a tiny needle placed into a vein. You’ll immediately experience the sedative’s effects because it enters your bloodstream. Your dentist will closely monitor your vital signs and change the dosage as necessary.   

What Are the Various Levels of Sedation?   

Normal or Minimal Sedation   

The least amount of sedative is used for patients who have mild anxiety or will undergo a less invasive procedure. While the dentist works on the patient’s teeth, minimal sedation makes them feel at ease and comfort without going unconscious. The effects of the sedative often subside minutes after the therapy.  

Moderate Sedation  

Patients who will go through lengthier and more complicated operations will need medium sedation to help them relax. The patient will be in a deep state of relaxation but will be awake throughout the session. The effects of moderate sedation can take many hours to completely wear off, so patients should have someone drive them to and from their appointment.  

Deep Sedation  

A higher dose of sedation will be used for those experiencing mild to severe dental anxiety or undergoing a heavy dental operation. Deeply sedated patients frequently alternate between unconsciousness and consciousness while receiving the sedative. They typically won’t remember the surgery and won’t be responsive throughout the operation.   

Palm Beach Sedation Dentist operating on patient

Are You Looking for a Palm Beach Sedation Dentist?   

Dental sedation has come a long way since its discovery. If you want to know more about this procedure and its effects, our dedicated dentist at South Florida Sedation Dentistry can help you. Give us a call today to get started on your treatment.   

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