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Returning Your Gums to Their Peak Health

Gum Disease Basics

Gum disease is chronic and can be very serious. It happens due to a constant buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth. You’ll want to get treated as soon as possible, as gum disease can spread and lead to loss of bone and soft tissue.

If you are experiencing gum disease symptoms and are later diagnosed, you will be treated through scaling and root planing, or osseous surgery. Dr. Senft will make sure you feel as calm and comfortable as possible during the procedure.
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Gum Disease Symptoms

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What Your Gums Say About
Your Oral Health

Treatment Options for Gum Disease

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If you need treatment for gum disease, scaling and root planing will be our first option, which will be the easiest and non-invasive method for a mild case. It will involve removing any plaque and bacteria that has been building underneath your gumline. The tooth roots will then be smoothed through planing.
If the first option won’t be enough to correct your gum disease, osseous surgery will most likely be necessary. Similarly, the tooth roots will be smoothed, but with this option, your gums will be lifted back so Dr. Senft can gain direct access to your bone and tooth roots. This allows him to remove all bacteria buildup.
Once you’re treated with either scaling and root planing or the osseous surgery, you will need to come back for routine periodontal cleanings to ensure the gum disease does not return. During the cleaning, any tartar buildup will be completely removed from your teeth and gumline, plus you may be given antibiotics for faster healing. `

We Can Help With Your Gum Disease Treatment