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Restore Your Gum Recession

Are My Gums Receding?

If you experience loss of gum tissue, your roots will become exposed, leading to bacteria and plaque buildup on a very fragile part of your tooth. A big sign that your gums may be receding would be tooth sensitivity, but you can also tell just by looking at your teeth.

Do they look longer than usual? If they are, that doesn’t necessarily mean your tooth is moving. It could mean that your gum is beginning to recede. If you run a finger along your teeth, you should be able to tell where your natural gumline was. If left untreated, it can actually lead to bone loss.
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Gum recession is serious. If you believe yours are receding, see a dentist as soon as possible.

What Happens During the Gum Grafting Procedure?

Dr. Senft wants you to be as comfortable as possible during your gum grafting procedure and offers multiple types of sedation, including IV conscious sedation. Once a decision is made, Dr. Senft will remove a piece of soft tissue from your mouth, or you will receive tissue from a donor.

That tissue will be placed in the areas where you gum has receded. After it’s sutured, recovery will differ for each case, but we will give you instructions so you can make sure your recovery is as fast as possible.

What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum Recession Isn’t Something You Have to Deal With