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Securing a Healthy Smile

Why Implant Supported Dentures May Be the Right Choice for You

If you’re looking for a more stable and convenient alternative to traditional dentures, we have an option for you! Our office offers implant supported dentures, which are more durable and prevent inconvenient slips.

Implant supported dentures are a hybrid option that can be stabilized with dental implants, eliminating the common annoyances of traditional dentures, such as sore gums, bone loss, and slipping.
At South Florida Sedation Dentistry, our dentist can place implant-supported dentures with precision! Dr. Senft has years of experience and training with placing dentals implants, so we can assure you that you’ll be in the best hands during the entire process.
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Regaining Your Smile
with Implants

Implant Supported Dentures Benefits

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Placing Your Implant Supported Dentures

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First, we’ll check to make sure your jawbone is strong enough to handle dental implants. If they’re not, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have implant supported dentures. Bone grafting may be used to restore their density.
Then, you’ll have two options for your implant supported dentures. They can be removable so you can take them out to clean, or they can be fixed in place. It’s your choice! Once the dental implants are placed, your dentures can be securely snapped in. Even if you opt for removable dentures, they will always be secure when they’re in your mouth.
If you have any questions or believe implant supported dentures may be right for you, schedule a consultation with our West Palm Beach office.

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