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Is IV Sedation Safe for Dental Surgery?

Dentist cleaning patients teeth at IV sedation dentist West Palm Beach

If you are afraid of the dentist, even a routine visit can be nerve-wracking. Fortunately, a lot of dentists today use dental sedation techniques to help patients deal with the fear and anxiety of dental appointments. That’s why if you’re looking to learn more about IV sedation dentists in West Palm Beach, you’ve come to the right place. 

Everything You Need to Know About IV Sedation 

How Safe Is IV Sedation for Dental Work? 

IV sedation is generally a safe process with little to no risks. Patients who choose to be IV sedated are first screened by the dentist to uncover any potential risks or adverse effects to the health of the patient. It’s actually safe and it creates a better environment for the patient as they experience no anxiety during the procedure. 

Can You Feel Pain With IV Sedation? 

While you’re sedated, you’ll feel no pain even if you’re completely conscious during your dental procedure. Patients who choose IV sedation also experience less pain after the treatment. If you ever feel any pain, being honest with your dentist will significantly reduce the risk of any problems that may be encountered along the way. 

How Long Does IV Sedation Take To Wear Off? 

Upon administration, the sedative quickly takes effect and the patient will most likely fall asleep in about 15 to 30 minutes. The drowsiness and other effects of IV sedation can last anywhere from 20 minutes to six hours depending on how much sedative the patient received. Having a friend or a family member assist you after your dental procedure will help deal with the after-effects of IV sedation. 

Are You Still Worried About Getting an IV Sedation Dentist in West Palm Beach? 

Happy patient at IV sedation dentist West Palm Beach

Get in touch with our experts if you have any questions or inquiries about IV sedation. Our team of professional dentists will assist you with your dental procedure here at South Florida Sedation Dentistry. Call us now! 

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