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Teeth in a Day® West Palm Beach

Is Teeth in a Day® Effective? 

You’ve probably heard of Teeth in a Day® in West Palm Beach since it’s one of the fastest-growing dental procedures today. However, despite its popularity, plenty of people are skeptical about this procedure, especially since they’ve heard such good things regarding traditional dental implants.   

While conventional dental implants take weeks or months to complete, Teeth in a Day®, as its name suggests, takes only one day to complete. If you’re curious about its effectiveness, here’s how this procedure functions.   

Teeth in a Day® West Palm Beach

Facts About Teeth in a Day®  

Is Teeth in a Day® Possible?  

Yes. Just like traditional dental implant procedures, Teeth in a Day® utilizes artificial teeth to replace lost or damaged teeth on the same day. The only major difference is how long it takes.  

What Advantages Come With Teeth in a Day®?   

Teeth in a Day® offers more advantages than traditional implants because temporary teeth are firmly bonded to your mouth. Much like natural teeth, you don’t have to worry about slipping in and out of your sockets because they’re securely locked. In addition to receiving them in one day, your ability to speak and eat is fully recovered because your replacement teeth are functional immediately after the procedure.  

Who Is Qualified for Teeth in a Day®?   

The Teeth in a Day® procedure is appropriate for patients who are in immediate danger of losing their teeth or have recently experienced unexpected tooth loss. This dental procedure works well for patients who need:  

  • Tooth extraction and dental implant that’s performed on the same day.  
  • Restoring a single tooth or several teeth.  
  • Same-day dental bridge or crown supported by implants.  
Teeth in a Day® West Palm Beach

Are You Interested in Teeth in a Day® in West Palm Beach?   

If you’re looking for a clinic that offers fast and reliable dental implants, South Florida Sedation Dentistry provides plenty of options for your oral health. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.   

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