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The Best Technology for Your Implant Surgery

Skill and Technology Combined

When you get dental implants, you’ll want an experienced dentist, but you’ll also want one who uses the latest technology.

Implants are an incredible type of tooth replacement that look and feel just like your natural teeth. They also offer multiple health benefits, but you won’t be getting those benefits unless your implants are placed as accurately as possible.
In the past, that has required a great eye and a lot of experience, but at South Florida Sedation Dentistry, Dr. Mitchel Senft uses his expertise, coupled with the nSequence® technology. This combination of human skill and computer technology allows Dr. Senft to completely plan out the entire process before the procedure even begins. Your implants will be placed with incredible accuracy and precision.

Is There Really a Difference with Guided Implant Surgery?

It’s always best to plan before doing something, especially when it relates to surgery. That’s why the planning completed with the nSequence® software is important for placing dental implants. Before any work is done, Dr. Senft is able to map out everything. He is even able to map out the implant’s angle and trajectory. During the surgery, he is able to use this planning to place your implants in precisely the correct location to maximize the health benefits.
The technology is even more critical during the TeethXpress® procedure, where we completely reconstruct a full set of teeth. If you want to know more about the nSequence® Guided Implant Software or have questions about dental implants, contact our West Palm Beach office for a consultation.
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Guided Implant Surgery Benefits

The Best Care With The Best Technology