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Popular Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

Besides changing the appearance of your smile, a missing tooth can also have a negative impact on your oral health and confidence. Thankfully, several tooth-replacement options are available for you including removable dentures, dental implants, and dentures implant support in West Palm Beach. 

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A Closer Look at Popular Tooth Replacement Options 

Removable Dentures 

Removable dentures can be partial or complete. These removable appliances consist of an acrylic gum-colored base to which artificial teeth are attached. Moreover, they’re ideal for patients who are looking for more affordable ways to improve their appearance and restore their dental function. 

Partial dentures are created to replace one or more missing teeth in the same arch. These are very effective at filling in the gaps between teeth, improving your speech, and restoring your chewing power. What’s more, this involves a non-invasive procedure that’s also relatively quick. 

Alternatively, complete dentures are made to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. Primarily designed to rest on top of the gums, these dentures come in various colors, shapes, and sizes with gum tissue that can closely match your natural gums.  

Dental Implants 

This type of tooth-replacement option is specifically designed to replace the roots of missing teeth. They’re made of biocompatible titanium posts which the dentist surgically places into the jawbone to support the replacement crown. Most people choose dental implants because they require minimal maintenance, offer a long-lasting solution, and provide the best aesthetics. 

Implant-Supported Dentures 

This treatment involves the placement of implants to support the dentures. While four implants can be used to support a full arch or lower denture, about six implants may be required for upper denture support.  

Since they only need a fewer number of implants to support a complete arch of teeth, this option is more affordable than singular dental implants. Besides being stronger and less bulky than removable dentures, they also offer more stability that allows you to enjoy a wider variety of foods.   

Do You Need Dentures Implant Support in West Palm Beach? 

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At South Florida Sedation Dentistry, we offer a wide range of options for tooth replacement. If you’re ready to receive the best care possible with the best equipment in a stress-free environment, schedule your appointment with us today. 

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