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where to get the best dental implants in palm beach?

Qualities of a Great Dental Implant Candidate

The best way to find out if you’d make a great candidate for Palm Beach dental implants is to schedule an appointment with a trusted dental health provider. To determine if this dental solution is the right choice for you, the dentist will see if you have the qualifications that are listed below.

where to get the best dental implants in palm beach?

What are the Qualities of a Great Dental Implant Candidate?

Their Gums are Healthy

Any sign of gum inflammation due to the buildup of plaque can trigger an infection that can potentially lead to gum pockets. The presence of gum pockets can increase the risk of implant detachment. Aside from this, gum disease can also lead to the deterioration of the bone that supports the implants.

They Have Good Bone Density

Since dental implants are meant to be anchored to the patient’s jawbone, a sturdy jaw structure is critical. If the patient doesn’t have enough jawbone density, the dentist may recommend a restorative procedure to ensure the bone can support the implants. This procedure could involve techniques that include ridge expansion, sinus augmentation, or bone augmentation.

They’re Healthy

Besides having healthy gums and teeth, the ideal candidate for dental implants must also be generally healthy. It’s best if they don’t suffer from certain medical conditions that include uncontrolled diabetes or any type of autoimmune disorder. These conditions may interfere with the healing process following the procedure.

They Don’t Smoke

Osseointegration refers to the process where the bone grows around and attaches itself to the dental implant. Since tobacco and its by-products can inhibit or delay the process of osseointegration, patients who make good candidates for dental implant placement should ideally be non-smokers.

where to get the best dental implants in palm beach?

Are You Thinking About Getting Palm Beach Dental Implants?

Want to know if dental implants are the right choice for you? Schedule an appointment with the dental experts at South Florida Sedation Dentistry today!

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