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who offers the best same day teeth west palm beach?

What are the Benefits of Same Day Teeth?

If you want to replace your severely damaged or missing teeth without going through a lengthy process of getting traditional crowns, you may want to consider getting same day teeth in West Palm Beach. In case you’re not aware, same day teeth involve the placement of dental implants and fully-functioning teeth attached within a single dental visit. 

where is the best same day teeth west palm beach?

What are the Benefits of Same Day Teeth?

It Eliminates the Need for Temporary Crowns

Traditional crowns take time to produce. While waiting for your permanent crowns to be placed, the dentist places temporary crowns so that you won’t have to walk around with missing teeth. Since temporaries aren’t explicitly designed to fit your mouth, they usually look fake and unsightly. Unlike traditional crowns, same day teeth won’t require the placement of temporary crowns. 

It Features a Perfect Fit

Since getting same day teeth is far from being a temporary fix or a band-aid solution because they’re specifically designed to fit your mouth. To make sure that your teeth perfectly fit on the first try, the dentist uses digital scanning and milling technology that takes your bite pattern and tooth contours into account. Should there be any issues with the fit, the dentist can tweak the crowns and have them ready within the same day.

They’re Comfortable

Same day teeth seamlessly align with your existing teeth; that’s why you won’t have to go through that awkward phase of wearing temporary crowns. Same day teeth are as comfortable to have in your mouth as your real teeth.

They Look Like Your Real Teeth

Since they’re designed with precision, they won’t leave black lines along the gum line like traditional crowns to do, and their shape and color will perfectly resemble your real teeth.

Learn More About Same Day Teeth in West Palm Beach!

If you want to get more information about same day teeth, contact South Florida Sedation Dentistry to schedule an appointment today.

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