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Signs You May Need Your Wisdom Tooth Removed

Do you experience sensitivity in the back of your gums? You may need a dental extraction in West Palm Beach if your wisdom tooth is to blame. In fact, about 5 million Americans undergo this procedure each year.

When any of these third molars are unable to fully erupt into their normal positions, they end up seriously affecting the alignment of your teeth and jaw. For this reason, knowing the signs that tell you to have them removed will help you act sooner and avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort.

smile Dental Extraction West Palm Beach

Signs You Need a Wisdom Tooth Removal

Gum Inflammation

As your wisdom teeth emerge, they’ll cause inflammation around the gums. As a result, slightly swollen and reddish areas will start to appear along your gum line. The swelling makes them more difficult for you to brush your teeth because your gums will feel sore to the touch.

Pain and Sensitivity

A wisdom tooth that needs to be removed will cause you to experience pain, sensitivity, or a slight throbbing sensation in the back of your mouth, whether you’re brushing, eating, or doing nothing at all.

Cysts Begin to Develop

If wisdom teeth are ignored for an extended period, cysts may start to develop in your mouth. These are sacks of fluid that can cause considerable damage to the roots of the neighboring teeth.

Stiffness of the Jaw

An emerging wisdom tooth can create pressure in your mouth. As it pushes against your existing teeth, it gradually shifts their natural placement and triggers jaw stiffness and discomfort.

Sinus Issues

Your oral health problems can have a significant impact on your sinuses. In most cases, pressure or pain with your sinuses or congestion is strongly linked to the emergence of the wisdom teeth.

pain Dental Extraction West Palm Beach

Do You Need a Dental Extraction in West Palm Beach?

The team of skilled dental professionals at South Florida Sedation Dentistry can help you determine if dental extraction is right for you. Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible in a comfortable environment. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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