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Giving You the Smile You Want

Helping You Show Off Your Smile

If you want to be able to show off your beautiful smile, but you think it’s a little too “gummy,” we’re able to help you with that. At South Florida Sedation Dentistry, we offer soft tissue recontouring. This assists with giving your smile its maximum potential if you feel your gumline is uneven or too visible.

Soft tissue recontouring is something that can be completed in just one appointment. Once you step out of our office, you will have a smile that shows off less of your gum and more of your teeth.

South Tissue Recontouring Methods

dental patient undergoing aesthetic crown lengthening West Palm Beach, FL

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

This type of recontouring involves removing excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth crown. It makes your smile have more of an aesthetic appeal through improving your gumline.
dental patient undergoing functional crown lengthening West Palm Beach, FL

Functional Crown Lengthening 

This process involves removing gum tissue to expose tooth decay or any kind of damage. It also assists with creating more room for a dental crown.

Easy Process, Amazing Smile

When you come in for a soft tissue recontouring, we’ll make sure you leave with a smile you’re happy with, whether it’s for cosmetic or functional reasons. If you’re dissatisfied with your gummy smile and want a more aesthetically pleasing look, we can make that happen. We’ll even go over the best custom ratio meant just for you!

If you need a functional crown lengthening, whether it’s necessary for treating a cavity, decay, or damage, we’ll be able to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

soft tissue reconstruction patient smiling West Palm Beach, FL

We Can Help You Improve Your “Gummy” Smile