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where is the best teeth in a day west palm beach?

Teeth in a Day Vs. Dentures

Are you looking to find a revolutionary dental treatment that can permanently replace your missing teeth? Would you like to have this treatment completed in just a single visit? If so, then you might want to consider getting teeth in a day at West Palm Beach. 

If you’re clueless about this tooth replacement option, teeth in a day refer to a dental procedure in which the dentist and attaches fully fixed crowns onto dental implants on the same day. 

The Difference Between Teeth in a Day and Dentures

Many patients aren’t so sure about the difference between teeth in a day and dentures. Many think that both are the same except for the fact that dentures aren’t screwed in. Teeth in a day aren’t anything like dentures. 

A set of dentures has two parts that you couldn’t find in teeth in a day. This includes a flange that supports the denture by covering the underside of the lip and extending the denture. A denture also features a palate that serves as a seal that goes around the entire upper portion of the patient’s mouth to provide suction and additional support.

The Advantages of Teeth in a Day Over Dentures

While teeth and a day can look, feel, and function like the patient’s real teeth, dentures can look fake and can easily slip when it becomes loose. When it comes to providing the patient with a more stable chewing power, teeth in a day won’t disappoint because they stay in place. 

On the other hand, a denture can move around the mouth when the patient is chewing. While dentures need to be replaced after a few years, teeth in a day are designed to last a lifetime.

what are teeth in a day west palm beach?

Are You a Good Candidate for Teeth in a Day in West Palm Beach?

If you think you might be the right candidate for teeth in a day, get in touch with us at South Florida Sedation Dentistry to schedule your consultation.

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