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One Day, One New Smile

In just one day , you can get a new smile with full arch implants

What is TeethXpress?

With TeethXpress, we’ll be able to replace a complete set of teeth, giving you a brand-new smile – in just one day.

If you’re tired of dentures and don’t want to deal with them anymore, we have an option for you with TeethXpress. TeethXpress allows us to build you a completely new and permanent smile. You’ll no longer have to worry about watching what you eat or have to deal with sliding dentures. The best part is that they’ll look and feel just like your original, natural teeth.
Dr. Senft has years of experience and is actually one of only a few dentists qualified to perform the procedure in the West Palm Beach area. During the procedure, he utilizes the nSequence® Guided Implant Software, which is extremely helpful with mapping out the entire mouth to ensure pinpoint accuracy. He graduated from the Misch Implant Institute and is very skilled in dental implants and IV sedation, which is offered to our patients.

TeethXpress Benefits

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A completely new smile in just one day with TeethXpress

What to Expect

Before the day of your procedure, you’ll need to come in for initial consultations. During these visits we will use CBCT scans to create a 3D digital image of your entire oral region, as well as go over everything you need to know about the TeethXpress procedure. Thanks to this 3D imaging, you’ll be able to see what your new smile will look like before the treatment even begins! Your new teeth will be completely custom fit just for you, so you’ll have your own unique smile.
When you come in for the procedure, we will offer sedation options, including IV sedation, and use our advanced technologies to place your implants correctly for maximum comfort. Dr. Senft will then place a temporary prosthetic before we attach your final restoration when your implants are healed.

Giving You a Reason to Smile

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Before After

You Can Walk Out With a Whole New Smile in Just One Day!