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a beautiful senior lady gets Teeth in a Day®in West Palm Beach

The Difference Between Traditional Dental Implants and Teeth in a Day®

Did you know that you can have your implants placed on the same day you had your teeth extracted? While traditional dental implants offer many benefits, Teeth in a Day® in West Palm Beach allows you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in just one visit. To help you make an educated decision, you’ll have to know the difference between these dental solutions. 

a closer look at Teeth in a Day® in West Palm Beach

Traditional Dental Implants vs. Teeth in a Day® 

Traditional Dental Implants 

Traditional dental implants have proven to be a reliable and durable method for replacing missing teeth. This procedure involves the insertion of screw-like titanium or ceramic posts into the jawbone. Since the implant posts are biocompatible, they have the unique ability to integrate themselves into the live bone tissue. 

The implants act as tooth roots that work to stimulate the growth and regeneration of the jawbone. An abutment that’s attached on top of the implant connects the artificial tooth to the implant post.  

Unless the patient has sufficient bone density, they won’t make a good candidate for conventional dental implants. For this reason, the dentist examines the amount of jawbone left in the area where the implants are supposed to be installed. If there’s a need to build enough bone to support the implants, they may recommend bone grafting

Once the dentist completes the surgical insertion of the implants into the jawbone, the patient has to wait for the dentist to secure a temporary crown. To ensure proper integration of the implants into the bone, another waiting period that can take up to six months is necessary before the dentist replaces the temporary crowns with permanent ones. 

Teeth in a Day® 

Teeth in a Day® is an innovative tooth-replacement system that eliminates the need to wait for fully functional temporary crowns to be placed. The patient can experience instant results from an implant procedure and have new natural-looking teeth in just a single appointment.  

a senior male patient gets Teeth in a Day® in West Palm Beach

Do You Need Teeth in a Day®? 

At South Florida Sedation Dentistry, we aim to provide the best care possible in a comfortable and stress-free environment. If you’re ready to make an appointment, call us today. 

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