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Gentle and Easy Extractions

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, or if your teeth are severely decayed or diseased, you may be experiencing chronic tooth pain. If that’s the case, you may need to have those teeth extracted.

Other than wisdom teeth, the last thing South Florida Sedation Dentistry wants to do is extract a tooth. We will look at numerous other options, but in some cases, the tooth may need to be removed. We want your visit with us to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible, so Dr. Senft offers IV sedation to his patients.
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If your tooth causes pain and is beyond repair, you may need a tooth extraction, which is a surgical removal of the tooth.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

Extractions are a very common procedure and are usually very simple. Due to their simple nature, usually only local anesthetic is administered, however if you would like, more sedation options are available.

During the procedure, you should only feel some slight pressure along with a slight cracking sound as your tooth is removed. Once the procedure is over, recovery should take only a few days as the swelling goes down.

We will provide you with everything you need to know about your extraction recovery when you come in for your appointment.

Tooth Extraction Benefits

What to Do After an Extraction

After an extraction, you may be without pain and your unhealthy tooth may be gone, but it’s always best to replace it. Missing teeth can cause weakening of your jawbone and a sunken appearance on your face. One of the best restoration options is a dental implant, which looks and feels just like a natural tooth. We can match everything from the size to the color, so no one will be able to notice a difference.

Dental Implant Benefits

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Do You Think You Might Need A Tooth Extraction?