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Where can I get a Dental Bone Graft Palm Beach?

Top Misconceptions About Dental Bone Grafting

Each time an adult loses a tooth, their jawbone starts to deteriorate. Thanks to the advancements of modern dentistry, this problem can be reversed via a dental bone graft in Palm Beach.

Unfortunately, misconceptions surrounding bone grafting often cause patients to be reluctant to move forward with the procedure. If you recently found out that you need a bone graft, it’s imperative to get your facts straight about it.

Where can I get a Dental Bone Graft Palm Beach?

What are the Top Misconceptions About Dental Bone Grafting?

MYTH 1: “Bone grafting requires a lengthy downtime.”

Contrary to what you may have initially assumed, you’ll only be required to stay home and rest during the first day following a bone graft procedure because of the effects of the medication used during the process. However, after your first day of recovery, you can start moving about and getting back to your normal routine.

MYTH 2: “A bone graft is always a requirement for dental implant patients.”

Before deciding to move ahead with the dental implants’ placement, your dentist has to determine if you’ll need to undergo a dental bone graft procedure. He may take multiple X-rays and CT scans to determine if your jawbone has enough density to support the implants. If it doesn’t, your dentist will advise you to go through a dental bone grafting surgery.

MYTH 3: “A bone grafting procedure and an implant can’t be completed in one day.”

Should your case require such a procedure, your dentist will decide whether or not you should undergo bone grafting surgery on the same day that you’ll get the implants. The decision greatly depends upon the amount of bone you have remaining and the stability of the implant. In most cases, both procedures are completed in just a single appointment.

MYTH 4: “Bone grafting isn’t worth it.”

Countless patients wrongly believe that going through a bone grafting procedure isn’t worth getting dental implants. They forget that having a permanent replacement for their missing teeth is always worth facing a bone grafting surgery. With dental implants, your chewing power, speaking ability, and confidence will be restored!

Where can I get a Dental Bone Graft Palm Beach?

Considering a Dental Bone Graft in Palm Beach?

Before you make any plans, Dr. Senft will have an assessment performed to check if you even need a dental bone graft procedure. Contact South Florida Sedation Dentistry today to schedule your consultation!

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