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who offers sedation dentistry west palm beach?

Top Questions Asked About IV Sedation Dentistry

Did you have a rough experience with your previous dentist? Has this caused you to stop completing the treatment that you need?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Approximately 15% of American adults struggle with dental anxiety. However, thanks to sedation dentistry in West Palm Beach, you can receive top-quality dental care – without the stress!

Frequently Asked Questions About IV Sedation Dentistry

What Exactly is IV Sedation Dentistry?

Although intravenous sedation dentistry is officially categorized as general anesthesia, you won’t be sleeping while you’re under its effects. IV sedation dentistry will cause you to experience a deep state of relaxation. However, you’ll be able to comply with your dentist’s requests and answer their questions.

It’s important to note that although you will remain conscious over the course of the procedure, you won’t be fully aware of the dental procedure that’s taking place. The IV solution will temporarily turn off your brain’s memory faculty until its effects wear off within the day.

What is the Sedative Comprised of?

What makes IV sedation effective for patients who are struggling with moderate to severe dental anxiety are the benzodiazepines. These are anti-anxiety medications that will help them get any dental work done while feeling calm and relaxed.

What are its Benefits?

IV sedation will allow you to sit calmly for long periods of time while the dentist performs a dental procedure. You won’t experience pain or discomfort as the dentist picks, cleans, drills, or scrapes your teeth. Plus, you’ll also have little or no memory of the procedure. This also works for patients who have an extremely sensitive gag reflex.

Is it Safe to Use?

When this is carried out by a qualified and experienced dental professional, IV sedation dentistry is completely safe. You can rest easy knowing that all safety precautions are being taken.

Do You Need to Get Sedation Dentistry in West Palm Beach?

If you’re suffering from dentophobia, extremely sensitive teeth, or a bad gag reflex, consider trying sedation dentistry in West Palm Beach. Call South Florida Sedation Dentistry now to schedule an appointment.

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