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what are crowns and bridges

What Are Crowns and Bridges?

The concept is still the same. But these days, crowns and bridges look a lot different from their ancestors. Today, metal crowns and bridges aren’t as prevalent. Computer-aided design and manufacturing processes have made porcelain crowns more realistic and more capable of blending right in with your real teeth.

But what are crowns and bridges exactly? Let’s get up close.

A Closer Look at a Crown or “Cap”

The dental crown is a great place to start in looking at crowns and bridges, because a dental bridge is formed of several crowns.

Crowns are appropriately nicknamed “caps,” because they sit atop teeth or dental implants in a similar fashion as a cap on a bottle or a hat on a head.

Of course, they aren’t just resting atop the implant or tooth. They’re carefully bonded with dental cement to stay in place permanently.

Before a tooth is capped with a crown, your dentist will need to shape the tooth so that it offer dependable, long-lasting support for the prosthetic tooth to be bonded atop.

A Closer Look at a Dental Bridge

Bridges fill gaps between teeth by attaching to a tooth, or a dental implant, on each side of the gap. They attach to the supporting teeth or implants the same way an individual crown does.

Why People Have Crowns and Bridges

It’s not all vanity. Often times, it’s completely practical.

Your dentist may need to root canal your teeth, which may change the biting surface of a tooth. A crown will completely restore biting, chewing or grinding functions to a given tooth.

While most people would rather not have gaps between their teeth, bridges offer more than a way to complete your smile. They also keep teeth from shifting around and falling out of alignment as a result of the space between them.

Find Out More

Contact Us to schedule a consultation with a dentist in West Palm Beach, FL to find out if a crown, bridge or another dental service could improve both your smile and quality of life.

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