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IV Sedation Dentist West Palm Beach

What Are the Common Causes of Dental Anxiety?

Did you know that dental anxiety affects about 36% of the American population? Since these people are so afraid of going to the dentist, they usually put off the visit until the pain in their tooth becomes too much to bear. If you would rather be anywhere but in the dental chair, IV sedation dentist in West Palm Beach can help you overcome your fear and give you the treatment you desperately need.

IV Sedation Dentist West Palm Beach

Top Causes of Dental Anxiety

Fear of Pain

While most dental procedures are painless, a large number of dental anxiety sufferers avoid treatment because of the fear of pain. Perhaps you’ve had negative experiences that stem from receiving care from an unprofessional dentist, or you may have heard horror stories from other people. The right dental care provider will give you the assurance you need and will walk you through the procedure transparently.


Countless patients avoid seeing the dentist because of their embarrassment over the condition of their teeth. Do you feel uneasy at the dentist because of your badly decayed or damaged teeth or possible mouth odor? Since an experienced dentist is trained to deal with all types of dental issues, you can be sure that the state of your oral health or hygiene won’t shock them.

Loss of Control

Some patients who have psychological or emotional issues can have these conditions triggered by the feeling of helplessness while seated in the dentist’s chair. The feeling gets even worse when they won’t be able to see what’s happening while they’re leaning back with their mouths wide open. To help you combat the fear of losing control, your dentist will explain the procedure and address your questions and concerns beforehand so there are no surprises. 

IV Sedation Dentist West Palm Beach

Are You Looking for an IV Sedation Dentist in West Palm Beach?

The team of dental professionals at South Florida Sedation Dentistry can help you manage your dental anxiety by providing you with a stress and pain-free procedure. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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