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What Can You Do to Keep Your Dentures from Falling Off?

Missing teeth can be a huge problem when doing the things you love. Almost 4% of adults aged 20 to 64 have no natural teeth, but there is good news! You can turn to dentures in West Palm Beach to restore your smile like it was never missing in the first place. 

Need help with using your dentures without issues? We have you covered! Here are the things you need to know to keep your dentures securely in your mouth! 


Why Do Dentures Fall Off? 

One possible reason your dentures fall off is the lack of adhesives used on them. Before putting your dentures on, make sure you put an ample amount of adhesive. Always ask your dentist about the adhesive you will use to ensure its effectiveness. 

Some changes in our body can also affect your denture’s fit. For example, if you lose weight, your dentures might be unfit for you to use. 

Poor maintenance can also disrupt the denture’s fit. If you use hot water when rinsing your dentures, they could warp, and the teeth on your dentures can get damaged, too, causing the dentures to slip off easily. 

How to Maintain Your Dentures’ Fit 

It is best to practice a better way of taking care of your dentures to maintain their security in your mouth. Firstly, make sure to remove your dentures before sleeping to avoid applying too much pressure on them as you lie down. 

Use lukewarm water or a denture solution when cleaning your dentures. Make sure to put a towel on the surface of your table where you are doing so to ensure their safety just in case they fall. 

When they don’t fit anymore, make an appointment with your dentist to have them adjusted. Unfit dentures can cause oral problems when left untreated.

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Looking for Dentures in West Palm Beach? 

We at South Florida Sedation Dentistry are offering quality denture services. We make sure that we keep up with the standards to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients. Contact us to know more! 

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