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Patient under Sedation Dentistry in West Palm Beach

What Happens During Dental Sedation?

Even though most dental procedures today are quick, painless, and safe, some operations are uncomfortable to sit through. If you’re one of those patients suffering from anxiety and low pain tolerance, sedation dentistry in West Palm Beach can help you get through your operation.  

Sedation dentistry has helped countless individuals to get through their dental operations, no matter the type of dental procedure. If you’re scheduled to undergo it, here’s what to expect when undergoing dental sedation.

Dentist performing Sedation Dentistry in West Palm Beach

What Should I Expect From Dental Sedation     

Drowsy Feeling  

One of the most common side effects of this procedure is drowsiness. Depending on the dosage of your sedative, you may experience sleepiness during and after your operation. This sensation happens because the sedative helps you relax and unwind during your process. It also blocks out certain pain levels, allowing you to handle the operation better.  

Slight Amnesia   

There have been instances where patients have forgotten what happened during the treatment, albeit this impact is extremely rare. Patients who receive dental sedation should have a friend or family member to help them after the procedure. You’ll want them to drive you home safely after your dental operation.  

Slow Breathing and Heart Rate    

You’ll experience slow breathing and lower heart rates while under dental sedation. It’s normal to feel your nerves settling as your pulse rate and breathing goes down because dental sedation is intended to help you relax. Your heart rate and breathing will return to normal after 20 to 30 minutes following your operation.

Dentist performing Sedation Dentistry in West Palm Beach

Are You Interested in Sedation Dentistry in West Palm Beach?   

Now that you know what happens during dental sedation, you should be prepared to face your dental operation. Our dentist at South Florida Sedation Dentistry will help you relax and stay calm during your procedure with dental sedation. Contact us today to learn more!   

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