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What Is a Teeth in a Day® Procedure?

If you’re tired of living with lost, damaged, and uneven teeth, Teeth in a Day® in West Palm Beach might be the dental procedure that suits you. If you’re interested in this dental procedure and want to learn more about it, we’ve prepared some facts for you to digest. Here are some facts about Teeth in a Day® that you might want to know.   

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Fast Facts About Teeth in a Day®  

What is Teeth in a Day®?  

Teeth in a Day® is a dental procedure that involves replacing all of your teeth with brand new implants in a single process. The idea is to place the implants in the specific regions of your mouth where the bones are thicker and more robust. This approach aims to maximize the utilization of your jawbone.    

How Does it Work?  

Two dental implants are placed in the front part of your gums, with two lengthier implants on either side. To maximize the implant’s contact with the jawbone, the lengthier implants are slanted toward the back part of the gums. This method provides more stability and security, especially if you’ve lost a lot of bone in your jaw due to gum disease and other dental complications.   

Why is it Popular?    

Teeth in a Day® is a popular option for most dental patients because if you have a medical problem that prevents you from having a bone graft, this dental procedure requires no extra steps. Another reason for its popularity is that your dentist can perform its operation in one day. Unlike traditional dental implants, Teeth in a Day® gives you the opportunity to receive your brand-new teeth in just a single appointment.  

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Looking for Teeth in a Day® in West Palm Beach?  

Here at South Florida Sedation Dentistry, we provide the best and the latest dental procedures available.  If you want to get your brand-new smile in just a single appointment, give us a call today!  

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