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Dental Crown West Palm Beach

When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Do you suspect you need a dental crown in West Palm Beach? While it can be challenging to tell when it’s called for, we’ve compiled a list of circumstances that your dental care provider will almost always recommend that you get a crown instead of just a filling.

Dental Crown West Palm Beach

What Exactly is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-colored cap that’s placed on top of the treated tooth to improve or restore its function and appearance.

When Are They Needed?

You Have Broken Cusps

A cusp refers to the pointy part of a tooth that’s used for tearing food. While each of your canine teeth has a single cusp, your premolars have two, and your molars have four or five. When these cusps accidentally break off, your dentist has to restore your teeth with dental crowns.

You Have a Large Filling

During a filling, your dentist gets rid of the decayed portion of your tooth before cleaning the area out and filling the cavity with a filling material. Having a large filling means that the remaining natural tooth is weak and vulnerable to further damage. To protect the tooth from stress and cracks, your dentist will have to place a dental crown over it.

You’re Getting a Dental Implant

If you’ve decided to replace your missing teeth with implants, your dentist will attach the dental crowns on the implants’ abutments once the implants have fused into the jawbone.

You’re Getting a Root Canal

During a root canal procedure, the tooth is hollowed out, disinfected, and sealed. However, since the remaining tooth structure is weakened, a dental crown is required to strengthen the tooth and protect it from damage.

Dental Crown West Palm Beach

Do You Need to Get a Dental Crown in West Palm Beach?

At South Florida Sedation Dentistry, we’re committed to providing you with the best care possible with the best equipment in a comfortable and stress-free environment. Contact us today to request an appointment with Dr. Senft!

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