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Will It Hurt Having Dental Implants Placed?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “like pulling teeth” used to describe something painful, grueling, uncomfortable. But there’s a good reason you don’t hear, “like placing teeth” used in the same fashion. That’s because the practice of pulling teeth has been around a lot longer than techniques for placing teeth.

Even before dental implants became a mainstay in the field of dentistry, modern medicine had already begun to take the pain out of the dental procedure. So, will it hurt having your dental implants placed? Probably not nearly as much as you may think. Find out what you can expect from having your implants placed.

Local Anesthesia

Before your dentist begins the process of placing your dental implants, they’ll give you a shot of a local anesthetic to numb the area of your mouth where you’ll receive the implants. The anesthesia will ensure that you won’t feel much, if anything at all at the implant sites.

Your dentist will likely accommodate you if you feel you need more than local anesthesia to get through the procedure. Your dentist may offer general anesthesia, which is more likely to be an option if you’re having several teeth removed and several implants placed.


You can fully believe in the ability of anesthesia to keep your procedure free of pain, yet still be crippled by anxiety ahead of your appointment. If you’re feeling especially nervous about your procedure, ask your dentist about sedation options that can help you stay calm during your procedure and make it easier for you to sit still comfortably if your procedure will take longer than normal.

OTC Painkillers

After your procedure, you’ll experience tenderness and swelling at and near the implant site or sites. To manage this pain, you’ll need to take standard over-the-counter painkillers roughly every eight hours. You’ll likely find that the inflammation and tenderness are more than manageable with painkillers. And in just a few days, the swelling and tenderness should subside.

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Take a moment to set an appointment with a local dentist to find out more about getting dental implants in West Palm Beach, FL.

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