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How Much Will My Root Canal Hurt?

All too often, it a financial reason or scheduling conflicts that stop people from getting the critical dental services they need in order to avert long-term damage to their teeth and gums. This is especially true of the root canal, a tooth-saving procedure that is nowhere near as uncomfortable as some people may fear. Take a look at why you’ll feel minimal discomfort during and after the root canal procedure.

Before Root Canal Therapy

Depending on how soon you sought treatment, the toothache you experience before root canal therapy will likely be more painful than anything you go through during or after the procedure. That’s because the cavity that eventually exposed the nerves in your tooth to bacteria will also leave it unprotected from hot or cold temperatures. Exposed to hot food or a cold beverage, nerve pain can become unbearable.

During the Procedure

When you and your dentist are ready to begin, you’ll be given a shot of a local anesthetic near the root canal site. The pain relief delivered by the local anesthetic will be enough to last you well past the end of the root canal procedure.

Generally, general anesthesia is excessive for a root canal. That’s because general anesthesia may put you to sleep for hours, possibly putting you out for twice the time it takes to have the root canal performed.

After the Procedure

The numbness at the implant site should start to wear off not long after your appointment. At that point, ibuprofen or a similar pain reliever will be all that’s needed to keep the swelling and discomfort at the root canal site down. The swelling and discomfort should last for a few days and then subside altogether.

Find Out More About Root Canal Therapy

Click here to set up a time to talk with a dentist in West Palm Beach, FL about your options for root canals. If you’re still feeling anxious about your appointment, be sure to ask about the anxiety-relieving sedation options your dentist’s office offers.

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